Fancik – protective post-surgical garments –   a wide range of specialized garments for the protection of wounds on the legs, in the neck area and after the amputation of the front limb.

Our products are intended for use exclusively for animals, primarily dogs and cats, mainly according to the indications of veterinary doctors. They are an alternative to uncomfortable, inconvenient and stressful protections available on the market. In addition to great comfort and effective protection of wounds, the advantage of our garments is the care of the workmanship and the high quality of the materials used. Our protective post-surgical garments are made of high quality cotton knitwear, including sweatwear, air permeable, which promotes healing processes. The small additive of elastane gives the knitwear a high elasticity, allowing it to adhere perfectly to the body of the animal, giving a high level of comfort during movement.

We also did not forget about the original designs that will appeal to the concerned caretakers of shaggy mods and four-legged handsome guys!

Your cute pet is sick, broke his leg, wounded the neck,  or recovers after the surgery? Do not worry, thanks to your love and care it will return to health and forget the difficult moments. Provide him with peace, comfort and care for the area around the injury. Our garments can help you and your friends in this task!!!