Fancik – protective post-surgical garments for animals – we are a Polish company dealing with the production and sale of protective post-surgical garments for animals after limb injuries, amputation of the forelimb and for the neck area.

The idea of creating a company came from a huge market deficit of this type of products, and on the other hand,  from high demand for them.

As a veterinary doctor, I experience the need to use specialized protections for wounds and sick spots on my patients’ bodies on regular basis.  Unfortunately, so far, the products available on the market have met neither mine nor my patients‘ expectations.  Postoperative aprons are limited to the protection of the abdominal area only and restrict the movement of the animal, and the collars impede the intake of food, water and comfortable rest, which is all that is important during treatment and convalescence.

That is why, after months of designing,  trying on and testing, we have developed innovative EUIPO -registered solutions that are protected throughout the EU. 

Our post-surgical garments allow effective and comfortable protection of wounds that so far have been safe only with the use of a stressful collar! Our post-surgical garments are convenient and comfortable help to treat your shaggy friend!!!

We invite veterinary doctors, pet shops and the owners of dogs and cats to cooperate with us.