Protective garment after an amputation of a forelimb for dogs and cats

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The garment consists of two parts:  the neck part  – the narrower one and the chest part  – the wider one, with the openings for the forelimb.

The garment is put on like a roll-neck, by sliding the animal’s head into the wider opening towards the narrower, the forelimbs being placed in the openings.

The garment is two-sided, it is put on depending on the side of the amputation so that the existing limb is inserted into the opening.

Application: the garment is used to protect the wound after an amputation of the forelimb (after oncologic treatment, after severe injuries).

The garments come in a variety of colours, all comfortable and cheerful, They will quickly make your three-leg Poppy have four-wheel drive!

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