Protective post-surgical garment for a hindlimb for dogs and cats

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Extended version (for limbs with stiffening dressings or external stabilizers) is indicated by a „+” sign.
The dimensions given are the garment’s dimensions.
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The garment is put on like a trouser leg by sliding the limb from the wider opening (from the ribbon side), then the ribbons are tied on the back or in the lumbar area, depending on whether the garment is intended for the fore or hind legs.

Limbs garments are available in two versions of each size: standard and extended for limbs with external fixation or stiffening bandage, expanded version is marked with a  + symbol next to the size, e.g. XS +.

Application: protection of postoperative wounds on the limbs, including outer sutures, external stabilization, stiffening bandage and external drainage; protection of dermatological changes occurring on limbs also after use of medicinal preparations, protection against external contamination and self-mutilation.

The garments are available in a wide range of colours with cheerful accents in the form of appliqués. We guarantee a wide selection for your demanding cuddlies. A smiley face garment will cheer up every york, and a military-pattern dress will make every shepherd beat the disease as a soldier!

Left leg

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Right leg

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