Protective post-surgical garment for the neck for dogs and cats

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The garment consists of two parts:  the neck part  – the narrower one and the chest part  – the wider one, with the openings for the limbs.

Around the openings for the limbs there are no rubbers or elastic bands, this removes the pressure on the blood and absorbent vessels, thus preventing swelling of the limbs.

The garment is put on like a roll-neck, by sliding the animal’s head into the wider opening towards the narrower, the forelimbs being placed in the openings.

Application: protection of postoperative wounds in the area of the neck, scapula and inter-scapulas area, including external sutures, drainage, dermatological changes such as cervical hypertrophy in cats, also after use of medicinal preparations, protection against environmental contamination and self-mutilation. The garment sensibly protects the changes impossible to protect so far by commercially available products such as hot-spots, cutaneous lesions after removal of post-injection tumours in the inter-scapulas area in cats.

Garments are found in a wide colour palette, suitable for every whiskery, cute muzzle.  There you can find both a red roll-neck for a demanding French bulldog girl and a blue one for a frisky cocker spaniel.

We offer wholesale prices for veterinary facilities.